Capturing Global Trends

An investment partnership focused on currency, offering a hedge against the US Dollar and the potential for absolute return even when stock and bond markets decline.

Actively managed by Jonathan Hoenig, a well-known professional investor and Fox News Contributor whose 20-year track record beat the S&P 500.

Only Days Until New Money Is Invested

Apply at any time. Investments and withdrawals are only made on the first of each month by wire.

Concerned About Inflation and Maintaining Purchasing Power?

Reduce Risk: Reduce your risk and protect your wealth against a potential fall in the US Dollar. Our investment partnership seeks to hedge US Dollar declines and produce absolute return even when stock and bond markets decline.

Protect Your Wealth: A declining dollar will erode the purchasing power of your assets over time. By taking advantage of trends in foreign currency, the Fund can potentially help hedge your portfolio against a decline in the dollar, protecting your wealth from inflation.

Alternative Investing: Foreign currency markets have long been the province of institutional and ultra-high net worth investors. Now, an investment in cp dollar hedge fund of up to 10% of your portfolio can provide this alternative exposure with a professional manager and 0.99% yearly fee.

If you’ve got a portfolio of over $1 million, we’d like to work with you.

Trends in Currency Markets Over Time

Currencies trade in pairs. At cp dollar hedge fund, we trade the US Dollar vs. a basket of foreign currencies, seeking to counterbalance its decline.

  • Many foreign currencies gained value over the US Dollar in the recent past.

  • During “the Great Inflation,” the US Dollar fell vs. foreign currencies.

  • As Reaganomics ended, the US Dollar plunged vs. foreign currencies.

  • The US Dollar declined amid the Great Recession and Global Financial Crisis.


cp dollar hedge is a private partnership that primarily invests in foreign currency and non-US Dollar denominated debt. The fund seeks to profit from a decline in the value of the US Dollar against global currency alternatives and is intended as part of a diversified portfolio. Our minimum investment is $100,000.


Managing Member

A Quarter Century of Investment Expertise

Actively Managed – Alternative Asset Class


Invests in currency ETFs and international debt instruments from reserve, emerging and frontier issuers worldwide, plus gold, silver, and cryptocurrency.


Employs active countertrend trading, leverage and options strategies to opportunistically minimize risk or increase return in flat markets.


A one-year commitment is requested, but you may liquidate your investment at any time, on the first of each month.


Our minimum investment is $100,000 and we’re open to investors with a tolerance for risk and a liquid net worth of $1 million.


Our management fee is a flat 0.99%, lower than many mutual funds. And unlike most hedge funds, there are no performance or hidden fees.


We believe a portfolio allocation of up to 10% to foreign currencies can help traditional portfolios enhance diversification and minimize risk.

Who Should Invest?

cp dollar hedge fund is open to long-term investors with a liquid net worth of $1 million seeking to hedge against a falling US Dollar, enhance diversification and minimize portfolio risk. A one-year initial commitment is requested, however you may withdraw at any time on the first of the month.

Funds can be wired to us at any time, however all investments are made on the first of the month.