Portfolio Manager

Jonathan Hoenig, Managing Member is the portfolio manager at Capitalistpig Hedge Fund LLC, a highly successful private partnership that he has run since 2000.

A former floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, Jonathan’s books include Greed is Good: The Capitalist Pig Guide to Investing (HarperCollins, 1999), The Pit: Photographic Portrait of the Chicago Trading Floor (2017), A New Textbook of Americanism: The Politics of Ayn Rand (2018) and Price Is Primary: How to Profit with Any Asset in Any Market at Any Time (2021).

Jonathan’s documentary, Pit Trading 101: A Film About Life Before Point and Click, earned honors at film festivals nationwide.

Previously he wrote for several publications including The Wall Street Journal Europe, Wired, Trader Monthly, and He was named one of Crain’s “Forty Under Forty,” and has been a member of the Economic Club of Chicago.

Jonathan is a frequent public speaker and regularly appears on worldwide media, including Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, where he is a resident contributor. He is a proponent of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism.